stay hydrated when the streets dry

Drought is casting!

Drought is an indie comedy series created by Haze and gripp. The series will follow Haze as a fictionalized version of herself, a touring poet whose stability is jeopardized as pandemic slows down her show opportunities and her bread.

We just announced pre-production and we're in search of performers to round out our cast! Here are the roles we're currently casting:

  1. BEE (lead) – Black man, around 30. A restaurant manager with well-practiced charm. Finally stable for the first time and letting his guard down.
  2. YINKA (secondary) – First-gen Nigerian-American woman, around 30. Compassionate and honest and sincere and trusting but not naïve. Won't be fed BS.
  3. RISS (secondary) – Black woman, mid 20s, queer and masc. Seasoned food service worker who makes ends meet by holding down her position.
  4. COLEMAN (secondary) – White man, late 20s, queer. Flight attendant slash ex-flight attendant and Haze's roommate. Easy-going if perpetually broke.
  5. JD (secondary) – Black man, around 30. Of course not a fuckboy why would you say that
  6. JEWEL (secondary) – Black woman, mid 20s. Annoyingly cute redbone. Infinitely hopeful. Kind and forgiving---enough to tolerate JD.
  7. DIANA (supporting) – White woman, around 30. Office admin with her anxiety stuffed into her blouse so tightly that it might pop a button.
  8. BRIGHAM (bit) – White guy, around 30. Some sort of nondescript office manager lording over his tiny fiefdom.
  9. JACKIE (bit, voice only) – White woman, mid 30s. Show promoter just following the script.
  10. OMAR (bit) – Black man, late 20s. Just some guy. One of JD's friends.

If you're interested, send an inquiry to with a photo, resumé, and any work samples you think we should be aware of. Hope to hear from you soon ✌🏽